ES - Monkey plan

Monkey Plan ES $49 ES
Monkey Plan ES $245 ES

Save 17% on a half-yearly

    • Trading E-mini S&P 500 Futures
    • Long & Short
    • Annual Return 19%
    • 81% Winning Trades
    • Max Drawdown to Close 32%
    • Av. 1 signal per month
    • Daily email
    • Without optimization

This daily trading strategy only enters in trend corrections when the trend loses strength, using our proprietary indicators to detect it and it is designed for E-mini S&P 500 Futures. It does not seek to be in the market always but only at precise times with a high probability of success, always following the main trend.

The e-mini trading signal is a long and short strategy and averages one trade per month. It can open up to 2 contracts. It is a daily strategy, and the entry/exit will be at the end of the session (16:15 New York Time). Minimum capital suggested $40,000.

We created the emini strategy in 2008, and it is working without optimization or code changes since inception. The performance is always based on closed entries with a $40K position without compounding.

Overview (last update > June 2019)
  • Start began 2000 Annual Return 19%
  • Min Capital Suggested $40,000 Total Trades 211
  • Profit $143,901 Number Winning Trades 173
  • Profit Factor 3.5 Percent Profitable 81%

Monthly & Annual Returns
E-mini 2019 Monthly Return

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E-mini Annual Returns

E-mini Annual Returns

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Strategy Performance Summary
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