VXX - Fox plan

Fox Plan VXX $99 VXX
Fox Plan VXX $495 VXX

Save 17% on a half-yearly

    • Trading VXX ETN or CFD
    • Short only
    • Annual Return 19%
    • 99% Winning Trades
    • Max Drawdown to Close 1%
    • Av. 2 signals per week
    • Daily email
    • Without optimization

The VXX trading system is a multi-entry strategy that trades one of the most popular volatility ETNs, it could be used with the VXX CFD as well, using our proprietary indicators to know when to enter and exit. It takes advantage of the Contango that the VIX Future Term Structure has. The VXX trading strategy is designed to make gently returns month after month, year after year minimizing drawdowns.

It is a daily and short only strategy that averages two trades per week, and the entry/exit will be 15 minutes before the end of the session (15:45 New York Time). Minimum capital suggested $10,000.

We created the VXX strategy in 2012 and it is working without optimization or code changes since inception. The performance is always based on closed entries with a $100K position without compounding and without leverage.

Overview (last update > June 2019)
  • Start began 02/2009 Annual Return 19%
  • Initial Capital $100,000 Total Trades 466
  • Profit $189,250 Number Winning Trades 460
  • Profit Factor 267 Percent Profitable 98.9%

Monthly & Annual Returns
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