With this headline we just want to point out the difficulties of investment and why you should learn, prepare and know where you are going to invest your money. Also learning something about The Market Psychology would be great.

Since our first approach to the markets in 2000, it has been a great journey for us. Always learning, meeting new people, talking about the markets and how to beat them. Doing paper trading. Creating/programming strategies and indicators to check whether an idea works or not and then put them to work.

We created several strategies that we have been using for years. Now we are offering two of them in this website, in the future we will put more of them.

Talking about our strategies, they are programmed to have steady results over time with low drawdowns. So if you are looking to make 100s % each month or year you should check other websites, because that is not what we are offering. In our experience, it would be impossible to have those results over the years and it would feel like to be in a casino, but if you think that we are wrong, please share with us your “Holly Grail”. ;-)

Each month we are going to put here in this blog some screenshots so you can see what our strategies are doing, their new performances and the signals that the strategies closed. We will also create some post to comment about our strategies or what we think that is important of them.

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